Precinct 1C

Precinct Delegate:
Casey Kinat


If you are interested in canvassing Bay Village, or participating in a phone bank to promote our Democrats in this next election, please contact me.

Become a member of The Bay Village Democratic Club!  For a very minimal cost, join like minded people in great conversation, get updated information, and make new friends.  Come check out a meeting.

*** Upcoming meetings are August 13 and October 8.  Meetings are held at 7 PM in the Community Room at the Bay Village Police Station


Sherrod Brown

Richard Cordray

Kathleen Clyde

Cassimir Svigelj

dem. voter info.  (created by Matt Kuhns)


About me:

I am a mother of three children, Bennett, Jackson, and Ryan, and have been married to my husband, Jeff, for fifteen years. I have lived all of those fifteen years in Bay Village.

I graduated from Kent State with my history degree.  I also have my teaching license.  I am currently staying at home with my children and enjoy being active in groups that align with my beliefs, such as the Democratic Club.